Thank you post to Flatiron

I’ve completed the self-paced Online Software Engineering bootcamp with Flatiron School and through that year I was able to gain a “tech family” and grow as a developer.

My background is in the art market and it was not easy for me to get into the dev world. I was a new mum and had to take care of my daughter too. My time was limited and I got quite often long periods of baby sickness, lots of until late study nights and “I am not going to get this” tears but I finally graduated! Flatiron School was helping me through my journey with their technical help, ask a question feature and lessons.

I started to look for a job in January and 5 weeks laterย I’ve accepted an amazing job offer. During those weeks I was doing tons of code challenges, lots of interviews and getting rejections almost every week. But I had Emma helping me! She was my career coach. She was helping me with my emotions, with my interview skills, and giving me good advice. THANK YOU Emma!

I am not sure that this blog post is going to comply with Flatiron requirements of a one technical blog post but I can treat it as an algorithm to become a developer:

  1. Make sure your passion is coding.
  2. Enroll at Flatiron.
  3. Study, be curious, share your knowledge, have fun with side projects too.
  4. Graduate.
  5. Land your dream job as a dev and start an amazing new career!